Athen: Prozess gegen Migrant_Innen

Update-call: Upcoming trial of the migrants accused of the uprising at Amygdaleza detention center in Athens, Greece

On August the 10th, 2013, migrants at the Amygdaleza detention center, where physical and psychological torture is part of the daily routine, set containers, walls and barbed wires on fire. They were revolting against the brutal conditions of their captivity, and against captivity itself, which nowadays often exceeds the European legal limit of 18 months. A wild police beatdown and manhunt followed the uprising, which resulted in arresting most of those who managed to break beyond the walls and many others chosen at random. 65 migrants were revengefully charged with serious criminal offences and were thrown in prison or taken back to detention centers for claiming the obvious: Their dignity and freedom. Their trial is to start on November the 3rd.

One of our basic objectives –as No Lager assembly- is to bring to the fore the detained migrants’ struggle, and also to support and interact with them. This means methodical and constant counter-information about the issue, its theoretical elaboration, bringing out what the migrants themselves have to say, their political and legal support, communication and coordination with other alike initiatives from Greece or abroad, and of course action in the streets.

The Amydgaleza uprising of August 2013 is a major event within a continuum of migrant struggles against detention centres, which consists of revolts, frequent hunger strikes and even actions of self-harm. This is why we believe that the trial of those accused of the Amygdaleza uprising is of extreme importance, and it is essential that it gains broader attention. Alongside other initiatives in Greece, we are running a campaign to inform and mobilize the public. Moreover, we have arranged for the migrants’ legal support and we are trying to raise money for this purpose. Lawyers’ fees are quite expensive, so we need all the help we can get.

Thus, this is a call to initiatives abroad, asking for their support in any way. This could mean raising public awareness regarding the issue, organizing any kind of political action or event, providing financial support, etc. If any collective is interested in our cause or needs more information, they may contact us at nolager[at]


No Lager assembly
Athens, Greece
14 October 2014